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I have been sailing for a long time. I don't spend anywhere near enough time to be really good at it, but I am enthusiastic! Right now, my passion is sailing a Hobie16 in what I consider big winds, about 25 to 30 knots. We sail on Emma Lake, a small lake in the middle of the prairies in Saskatchewan. The land is flat and as the weather systems sweep across the land unimpeded we get lots of interesting winds.

July 2002: Warren on the trapeze, Greg at the helm

What's new:

200303-26 Added photos from Summer 2002(click here, here and here)
2003-02-10: Moved these pages to longsworld
2001-10-20: Added Montreal 1970 Snipe photos and stories (click here)
2001-10-20: Added Saskatchewan 1983 SeaSpray stories (click here)
2001-10-18: Added Montreal 1976 SeaSpray photos and story (click here)
2001-10-17: From August 1999: Disposible camera photos (click here)
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