Seasons Greetings


Xmas is nearly here again, and I am again late doing this. We are still slowing down, with normal wear and tear on our 77 and 76 year old bodies, but fortunately, nothing serious. These are the highlights of our year.

If you click on any of the underlined words it will take you to a photo album on flickr where I dump my mostly unedited pictures. Each album may have a handful or a few hundred photos. The small photos below will enlarge if you click on them.

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For New Year we towed our 5th-wheel to Sarasota, with the RV Club. Arboretum near Sarasota In January, we saw the Whooping Cranes arrive
1-30-2008 9-54-08 AM_0015.JPG (254162 bytes) 2008-03-02 Rainbow Kayak_5.jpg (107814 bytes) 2008-03-16 14-40-40 IMG_4582.JPG (374877 bytes)
And made sausage with Doug & Carol We did occasional kayaking on local rivers And in March we made an RV trip to Perry in Georgia, where the peaches were in bloom
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In April we both got Gold medals in the Spruce Creek Senior Games, 70-79 age group. (The really good people were away doing a much longer ride that day!). And Joyce got a Silver in the Walk


In June, we went on a French Cycling Holiday to the Loire Valley  


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2008-06-03 17-07-26 IMG_0115.jpg (2179598 bytes)

2008-06-09 17-41-47 IMG_0411.jpg (2617486 bytes)
The terrain was hillier than we expected But we saw lots of Loire castles We returned via the UK, where we saw Welsh Castles
2008-06-12 12-03-36IMG_0533.jpg (3035840 bytes) 2008-06-13 14-55-51IMG_0611.jpg (2153946 bytes) 2008-06-15 17-39-08 IMG_0690.jpg (2819279 bytes)
and Hadrian's Wall And English Castles Touched base with Joyce's brother Don & family
2008-06-24 08-06-58 IMG_0752a.jpg (379081 bytes) 2008-07-23 20-11-03 IMG_0773a.JPG (3601446 bytes) 2008-07-25 16-58-47IMG_0799.JPG (3985708 bytes)
And had a long, happy lunch meeting with Peter's Commonweal French tour group, from 1946, all 62 years older

We got home just in time to leave for Emma Lake in Saskatchewan, visiting Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, 

and the International Crane Foundation on the way
2008-08-03 1-19-42 PM_7642.JPG (2137831 bytes) 2008-08-04 09-03-28IMG_1079.JPG (1503587 bytes) 2008-08-24 09-46-15 IMG_0990.JPG (4608374 bytes)
At the Emma cottage, weekends were the usual rounds of hiking, stuff on the lake biking
2008-09-19 19-02-09 IMGP0223.JPG (1426523 bytes) 2008-09-20 15-18-34_0109.JPG (1231662 bytes) 2008-09-21 14-16-25_0105.JPG (2023257 bytes)
and recovering during the week Finally it was time to take the dock out for the winter As the birches turned yellow we went south
2008-10-11 10-03-55 IMGP0314.JPG (1538709 bytes) 2010-10-18 10-32-14_0317.JPG (1559051 bytes) 2008-10-19 17-06-36 0327.JPG (1561716 bytes)
to be caught up in Obamamania the Kanapaha Orchid Show And our regular third Sunday afternoon Hash House Harriers, although the Halloween costumes were special
2008-11-11 12-23-52 IMG_1171.JPG (982988 bytes) 2008-11-21 07-01-03g tour.JPG (1474952 bytes) 2008-12-02 03-04-39 IMGP1076.JPG (1670307 bytes)
In November we took the RV to Fort Clinch And got home just in time to pack to go to Venice Where we boarded the Royal Caribbean Splendour of the Seas for a 10 night cruise -
- calling at Dubrovnik, Santorini, Tunis, Malaga, Casablanca and ending up at Lisbon. But that is a whole lot more photos. We have no plans for anything for 2009!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.