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Xmas is nearly here and I am late doing this. For us, 2007 was less hectic than 2006; maybe we are slowing down? These are the highlights of our year.

If you click on any of the underlined words it will take you to a photo album on flickr where I dump my mostly unedited pictures. Each album may have a handful or a few hundred photos. The small photos below will enlarge if you click on them.



IMG_2717.jpg (1117068 bytes) Graham, Nancy, Stephanie, Eric, Brian and Julianne came. In addition to the usual Disney trips (not for us) they did some fishing, kayaking (Eric and Brian quickly became expert in the single kayaks), and visited Don Garlitz hotrod museum.

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2-6-2007 4-43-33 PM_0086.JPG (808890 bytes) In February we went to a reunion of the World Bank retirees group, at South Beach, Miami.

We also made a second foray into sausage production with Doug & Carol

2-3-2007 3-41-29 PM_0068.JPG (771934 bytes)



IMG_2903.jpg (804434 bytes) During the week, Joyce walks 3 miles starting at about 5 am. Peter waits until the fitness center opens at 6 am, then works out on a spinning bike or an eliptical machine. Saturday we heal. Sunday mornings we go for a gentle 14 km bike ride for 45 minutes.

In March we went on our first camp out, 3 nights, with the Spruce Creek RV Club. During the stay we visited the Fantasy of Flight Museum,

IMG_2893.jpg (783253 bytes)

IMG_2915.jpg (1674058 bytes) and the Dade County Battlefield Park (Seminole War) and the Lakeridge winery. IMG_2921.jpg (877107 bytes)


IMG_3027.JPG (598792 bytes) Went on our second RV Club trip to Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the USA.


Joyce tends orchids too


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IMG_3088.JPG (1114520 bytes) May is our month to catch up with physicians and dentists before our summer travels. 

We kayaked the Itchitucknee, with the Spruce Creek nature Explorers.

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6-8-2007 1-28-56 PM_0325.JPG (1755775 bytes) In June, Peter, Warren and Graham met in Montreal to spend three days at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada. We had a good time (and got very sunburned). Here are about 40 pictures of the thousands we took.

Joyce and Peter organized the RV and left on June 22 for Saskatchewan. We did not make any side trips, and arrived at Warren's house on the 29th, in time for the Labor Day weekend at the cottage on Emma Lake.

6-10-2007 10-27-40 AM_2049.JPG (1252767 bytes)


7-2-2007 1-40-19 PM_0004.JPG (2642478 bytes)

7-15-2007 1-34-12 PM_0010.JPG (1073877 bytes)

The usual routine at the cottage on Emma Lake is quiet weekdays and hectic weekends when Warren, Sandy, Keiran, and Hoodoo (dog) arrive, often with Bill, Joan, 2 more dogs, and assorted other friends and children. we also exchange visits with the Chartier and Reynolds families.





We stay active, cutting trees, biking, canoeing, sailing, hiking and stuff.

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7-7-2007 6-59-15 PM_0100.JPG (1516101 bytes)






8-15-2007 9-21-00 AM_0068.JPG (1283505 bytes) In August we were delighted that Doug & Carol joined us for three weeks. Unfortunately the weather changed to overcast, cool and wet. We played a lot of Scrabble, but did surprise Doug & Carol by persuading them to do some canoeing and hiking to Spruce River Highlands, Kingsmere and Anglin Lake. We also tried mountain biking but only once. 8-12-2007 2-23-09 PM_0061.JPG (1723830 bytes)
8-17-2007 9-32-44 AM_0093.JPG (1478668 bytes)

A highlight of their visit was shopping in Prince Albert, an city of about 35,000 people. We were impressed to find Durien, from Thailand, in the local Superstore. We all remembered these from our times in the tropics, so we bought one and tackled it.

We visited a couple of major tourist sites like Batoche (Louis Riel), and then it was time for Doug and Carol to leave, and we were alone in the cabin again.

8-15-2007 4-21-09 PM_0070.JPG (904095 bytes)


2007-09-01_IMGP0694.JPG (1240200 bytes) September started with a bang on the Labor Day long weekend. Warren arranged a canoe camping trip on Kingsmere, and we persuaded Joyce that she would enjoy it. We had three canoes: Joyce & Peter; Warren, Sandy & Keiran; and Kim, Karin and 2 children in Chris' old aluminium Springbok. Chris came along, partly canoeing and partly hiking with Bill & Joan with their 2 dogs and Hoodoo. There was no shortage of fit young men to split wood, and many excellent campfire cooks.

But it was cool. 

2007-09-02_IMGP0369.JPG (1840198 bytes)
9-16-2007 12-34-32 PM_0015.JPG (829571 bytes) Summer is short in Saskatchewan. Warren split wood so we could have fires every day, but eventually the time came when it was time to begin to leave. 

Warren & Keiran sailed the Laser back to Pratt's, and we took the dock out of the water.

9-16-2007 3-22-33 PM_0027.JPG (805680 bytes)
9-30-2007 4-24-57 PM_0048.jpg (1200864 bytes) It was time for one last drink on the deck, suitably garbed against the chill wind. And then we headed south. By the time we got to Kansas City, it was again warm enough to sit outside 9-30-2007 4-25-17 PM_0056.jpg (1042884 bytes)


9-30-2007 4-25-41 PM_0068.jpg (1111691 bytes)

10-28-2007 4-27-25 PM_0050.JPG (1152523 bytes)

We arrived home to the usual jungle of rampant growth. Almost immediately Greg & family arrived (Lori had a conference in Orlando) so we got them out kayaking on the Silver River. Lucas and Greg were thrilled to see alligators on the banks.




On the third Sunday of every month, Joyce and I join the Golden Hash, based in the Villages, linked to the international Hash House Harriers. Since nearly all of the Golden hash members are retired, most participants are walkers rather than runners. But everyone participates in the Down-Downs (ritual beer drinking). The October Hash was a Halloween event.


Other than that we were back into our usual routine.


10-10-2007 2-48-53 PM_0017.JPG (1597441 bytes)

11-3-2007 2-29-14 PM_0054-1.jpg (908356 bytes)



11-23-2007 5-18-48 AM_0099.JPG (1325258 bytes)

12-2-2007 5-15-53 AM_0482.JPG (679465 bytes)

In November we began to get psyched up for our first cruise. (We are novices, some neighbors have been on 30 or 40).


We left on November 21 and returned on December 10. We flew to Athens (a very uncomfortable flight on Delta), toured Delphi, and Athens and then boarded the ship and sailed to Kusadasi, Turkey; Istanbul; Rhodes; Limassol, Cyprus; Alexandria for Cairo; Heraklion, Crete, Rome and Barcelona. Several hundred pictures are on flickr.

11-24-2007 4-16-36 AM_0178.JPG (929751 bytes)

12-6-2007 9-08-57 AM_0634.JPG (91147 bytes)





So here we are in December and it is time to write the Xmas newsletter.

We hope this finds you well and happy. We look forward to hearing from you. Our co-ordinates are: 9385 SE 125th Street, Summerfield, Florida, 34491, USA. Telephone (352) 307 2705. But the best way to talk to us is by E-mail to

Happy Solstice,

Joyce & Peter