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Canoeing the Great White North

Karin and Andy were here from England and I had promised them a canoe trip in the Great White North... Several other friends were also interested: Rick McCharles, Joan McGowan, Elaine Tyerman and Peter Long (my Dad). After much discussion, we finally agreed on a more remote trip with a killer 2 km portage. For novices, a 1 km portage is too much. Two km is just about unbearable. But, we chose it anyways! It looked to be a really good trip for novices: 3 days of learning on small lakes, and then 1 day of rapids when everyone was competent!

This was the same trip that Brent Clark and I had done in 1 day in June, 1996, so I hoped that a novice group would be able to enjoy the same trip taking 4 days. The time of year was of some concern. It was quite possible that we could have snow. But the forecast was perfect, 15 degrees C, minimal wind and rain, with some sunny days.

Day 0: Thursday, September 2

Since Karen, Andy, Dad and I were already up at the Emma Lake cabin, it made sense for us to meet there. People were given the option of arriving Thursday evening, or coming in early Friday. I had already borrowed Mike Bariibeau's trailer, and had gotten 4 canoes and tons of gear together. We still weren't sure if we were 8 or 7 people which made some delayed some decisions until the last minute. We got all packed up and ready to go. Rick drove up from Keith's, arriving late in the evening. He played with us for awhile, and then retreated to his hammock. The big white thing draped over it is a mosquito net.

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