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McKay to Devil Lake, June 2001

Who went?:

Mike Baribeau + Jason Hill
Brent Clark + Howard Feldman
Warren Long + Gillian Black

Howard also provided us with a great webpage for this trip!

The Trip: McKay to Devil Lake (55 km)

This trip starts out going from lake to lake, then ends up doing rapids on the last day. The lakes, in order are:


We were hoping to make the 55 kilometer trip in 2 1/2 days. We also wanted to stay in our favourite fishing spot on Hayman Lake. To do this, we would have to push hard the first day, doing the drive, paddle a minumum of 15 kilometers and do 2 1/2 kilometers of portaging. This included the "killer" 2 kilometer portage. This portage keeps a lot of the rabble off of this route, so it is a little unfair to complain about it.


Forecasted to be dubious for us. Cool, down to 5 degrees at night, with highs of 18 degrees. Rain was also more likely than not.

Winds, while not in the official forecast were predicted to be high, based on local conditions for the past month!

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